Gulvmatter OEM Mercedes EQC (N293) / Mercedes GLC (X253) / Mercedes GLC (C253)


Genuine® OEM Mercedes-Benz All-weather Floor Mats. These rubber floor mats protect your Mercedes-Benz GLC X253 reliably from dirt and keeps your flooring dry too. The perfect fit provides optimum coverage for the sensitive floor covering. The raised edge prevents water from seeping onto the floor. The material is easy-to-clean and waterproof. The mats are tested to ensure Mercedes-Benz quality and will withstand any scuffing test. And the mats score highly when it comes to flame-resistance too. These rubber floor mats are extremely hard-wearing, made from low-inflammability material and have a perfect precision to fit. Now you are ready for the dirty winter. A very welcome characteristic: from the very first kilometer of your journey you won\'t notice any pervasive smell of rubber.

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