Bilparfyme OEM Mercedes-Benz AMG #63 AIR BALANCE


The synthesis in experiencing contrasts provokes an element of excitement! AMG #63 resides between luxurious sandalwood and energetic ginger. With this extreme recipe, we have focussed on the essentials to convey the travel experience of an AMG through a fragrance. Highest quality and the finest molecular technology are brought to bear for selection of the raw materials, and are combined to form a unique recipe. The 6.3 % perfume oils ensure maximum effect of the fragrance. Top: orange, ginger, co2 extracts, clary sage, lavandin, galbanum Heart: jasmine, rose, heliotrope, peach Base: sandalwood, siam benzoin resinoid, ambergris, musk

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Teknisk informasjon

LuftfriskertypePerfume flacon
EgenskapkerJusterbart lokk for å velge styrken på duften
Innhold [ml]15