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Baklykt høyre Jeep Wrangler JK 2006-2018


DEPO by Abakus. is the Scandinavian distributor of DEPO Automotive Lamps, one of the world’s most reputable manufacturers. DEPO has been at the forefront of automotive lighting technologies for 43 years. Their expertise guarantees exceptionally well-designed lamps with OE-like fit, function and lens coloration. No matter what driving conditions nature presents – morning mist, afternoon thunderstorms or unlit stretches of road – we ensure maximum visibility with our quality-certified range of insurance-approved DEPO automotive lamps. DEPO uses high-quality materials to ensure high standards that are certified by independent, regulatory bodies worldwide. DEPO is considered as not only one of the most distinguished brands but also services customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. The DEPO range consists of: – Head Lamps – Tail Lamps – Fog Lamps – Corner Lamps – Bumper Lamps – Marker Lamps

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JEEP 55077890AC

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JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 2.8 CRD130KW/177HKENS04.2007 - ...
JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 2.8 CRD147KW/200HKENS11.2010 - ...
JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 3.6 V6209KW/284HKERB10.2011 - ...
JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 3.8146KW/199HKEGT04.2007 - ...
JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 3.8153KW/208HKEGT04.2007 - 12.2011
JEEP WRANGLER III (JK) 3.8 RWD146KW/199HKEGT10.2007 - 09.2010